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Formbys Scariest House....

We are looking for the scariest house in Formby. We want you to send in your photos of any houses that have halloween decorations in the Formby area and we will put them on here for everyone to see. We want to know what you are doing on Halloween night, are you having a party, are you going trick or treating? Tell us about it here....

Halloween food

Here we have some wickedly good Halloween recipes and food ideas for you - have great fun creating some spooky savouries, quivering thirst quenchers and devilish delights.

From egg eyeballs to a gruesome melon brain, from Vampire blood to witches fingers!


Melon brain










This is a brilliantly simple but ever so effective idea for the centrepiece of your Halloween table.  Take a seedless watermelon and carefully peel off all the entire green rind, leaving the white rind showing. The best thing to use is a potato peeler - take great care though.

Now slice off the bottom of the melon so the 'brain' can sit flat on a plate and the rest is easier to carve.

Then score (use a toothpick or skewer) and carve out channels to look like a human brain. As you carve deeper the red flesh will be revealed underneath giving you a brilliantly gruesome effect.

Then let your little devils devour the lot!

The melon brain is a Team Netmums favourite.



Cheese eyeballs







                     2 cups grated Cheddar

                     1/2 cup butter

                     1 teaspoon paprika

                     1 cup plain flour

                      6 oz bottle pimento stuffed green olives

Combine the cheese and butter. Add paprika and flour and mix well. Take about a teaspoon of the mixture and form an 'eyeball' round an olive. Turn the olive in the 'eyeball' so it is starring outward. Line up the eyeballs on a greased cookie sheet and bake in a 400F (200C/gas6) over for 15 minutes. 

Eyeball eggs







                      Hard boiled eggs (halved)

                       Cream cheese

                       Stuffed olives

                       Tomato ketchup (optional)

Scoop the yolks out of the eggs and put in a bowl. Mash the yolks and add some cream cheese. Fill the centre of the egg whites with the yolk/cheese mixture and add an olive for the eyeball. If you have enough time put some ketchup in a bowl and use a cocktail stick to draw lines on the whites to make them look bloodshot.

For a quicker and easier idea cut boiled eggs in half and add a halved olive in the centre for the eyeball and use red food colouring to make the bloodshot veins!


Witches fingers






Cook some chicken or fish goujons and stick a 'finger nail' (a piece of flaked almond) on to the end of each goujon using a little bit of cream cheese.

Alternatively cut pizza into finger shapes and add a slice of pepper on the end for finger nails.

Or for a quick and simple idea roll slices of ham and add a flaked almond finger nail. Gruesomely good!

Marshmallow Ghosts














                       Flour for rolling

                       600g/1lb 5oz ready-to-roll icing

                       24 marshmallows

                       Food colouring pens


1. Dust a board and rolling pin with corn flour and roll the icing out until it's the thickness of a pound coin.
2. Cut into 11cm/4½ inch rounds. Stack the marshmallows on top of each other in pairs and drape a round of icing over each stack to make a ghost.
3. Draw a face on each with the food colouring pens


Tangerine Pumpkins











All you need is tangerines and a black pen. Simply draw faces on all the tangerines and you have an amazing mini pumpkin effect that is very healthy for the kids..  

How to create a Scary, Frightening, Halloween Face that costs just £2.

1) First attach a zip using special glue for skin (you can get in any arts and craft centre) Put the zip anywhere on the face, or body depending on what look you’re going for. Press firmly into place, holding for a few seconds at a time to make sure it stays put.

2) Using a sponge, apply the dark red make up to the open zip area. Don’t worry about making it too perfect, it looks better if it’s darker in places, particularly along the zip lines.

3) Take a make up brush and dot the red liquid in places, on top of the red make up. Don’t worry if it starts to drip - it will dry on its own creating a dramatic look.

4) Use your fingers to press on the chunkier red bits - these will look like bits of flesh. That’s the look completed.

5) When you come to take it off, use normal face wipes and remove the zip very gently to avoid irritating the skin.

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